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okay so i am in NA and i have been clean for like 4 months. i almost… - GLBT Alcoholics/Drug Addicts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Jul. 21st, 2009|02:25 am]
GLBT Alcoholics/Drug Addicts


okay so i am in NA and i have been clean for like 4 months. i almost had a year but then i relapes and so i had to start all over. anyways everyone said that i need a sponsor and so i go one but she is a very bad sponsor she never helps me with my steps when i call her she never has time to talk always tells me she going to call me back and never dose and when we do talk she acts like i am a kid not an adult. when ever i am in crises she never there and on and on. so i have asked like 4 other people to be my spnsor and they have all truned me down me down for there own reason and thats all good you its kind of embarrassing and frustrating, but the thing i hate the most is that we were at a meeting the other day and my sister sponsor was like all wanting to help her get over her husban drinking and using and it made me very jealous and made me hate NA i really dont want to go back there becasue i have no one i can relate to and evey body there sees me as a kid they dont see me as an adult they all treat me like a kid and its fucked up because i really dont want to go back. then the other day i went to a meeting and i took my girlfriend and they made her leave becasue she was not a NA addict she was an OA addicted and it pissed me off because an addict is an addict and the fucked up part is that the speaker her kids were there and they are not addicts. then like last Sunday i went to our monthly meeting and it was my first time and i was the new GSR and so i am sitting in this meeting and these grown men and women were like ready to start fighting over stuipid shit and i got mad. so these are just a couple of reasons why i never want to go back to NA again. i think i could stay clean even if i didnt go to the meetings because me and my girlfriend have a understanding that there is no using drugs or alcohol. i dont now can someone give me some advice on how to approach this matter in a productive way.

[User Picture]From: mommamber
2009-07-21 07:23 pm (UTC)
First off, I'm really sorry that happened in the meetings you went to. Those don't sound like very good support groups at all. :/

Second, as sharkskinny suggested I was going to suggest also. Try an AA meeting. When I go, there are some NA people that come to ours also. Like you said, an addict is an addict. You can usually look online to find a list of meetings in your area. I go to one that is gay-friendly. Try not to drink/use over things is the main thing.

I'm glad you posted.
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