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kryptonite. - GLBT Alcoholics/Drug Addicts [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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kryptonite. [Dec. 19th, 2009|03:43 am]
GLBT Alcoholics/Drug Addicts
in one corner we have extreme boredom & his brother laziness. in the other corner we have the reigning champions action & gratitude. lets get ready to rumble.
no storm lasts forever. even if it lasts a million years. we are everlasting. one day at a time. right now is home. and thats perfect because thats the only place i ever really am. no more running away from home. that dress is too small now. no more re-runs.
three weeks ago Terie came over to work & i found her upstairs drunk. she brought liquor INTO my house. KNOWING im sick too. she didn't care. and for a second or like 3 minutes. i was jealous. i wanted to not care. she had half a bottle left on the floor and after just a quick look i knew exactly how numb i could get off that half a bottle. the smell was everywhere. i wanted to feel what she was feeling. or better put, what she was not feeling. i called for help. Franchesca was over in a flash. she's not sick so it was safe for her to help. she cleaned up. almost immediately i found myself wishing i had hidden the bottle for later instead of calling for help. i'm so affected. three weeks later im still romancing, glamorizing & longing for my kryptonite.

[User Picture]From: cruz4882
2009-12-19 09:04 am (UTC)
I do not know what your story is, but...I like your writing. And I applaud you for calling for help, it takes bravery.
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